Ep. 84: Live at City Lit Books with Josiah Hesse & the UnApologetics Tour!

This episode features a live recording with Josiah Hesse, author of the Carnality series, as well as readings by Alessandra Ragusin & Ryan Connell.

Josiah Hesse is an author and journalist, and author of the Carnality series. The first two books in this six book series are available now from Suspect Press.

Part historical fiction, part psychological horror, Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake is the first of a six-part series chronicling the malicious mavens and pop-profiteers of America’s Evangelical movement, as remembered by a mentally ill boy who was once the biggest child star of the scene.

Alessandra Ragusin comes from a long line of Southern Assemblies of God pastors, but was raised as one of God’s “Frozen Chosen”. From 1st grade through her first semester in college she attended evangelical schools. She was a regular at youth group retreats, the 30-hour Famine, international mission trips, small groups, and taught at kids’ Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and church sports and arts camps. The proud wearer of a purity ring throughout her teen years, Alessandra has since left the faith and is an out-and-proud queer poet and essayist traveling and writing on feminism, philosophy, nature, and her favorite side-project: the Devil. Read more at: greenworldwriting.com

Ryan Connell is the homeschooled son of a Pentecostal pastor. He was a kid’s church puppeteer, a Junior Bible Quiz champion, a door-to-door evangelizer, a mission trip globetrotter, a tongues talking, spirit catching, fire and brimstone preacher of the word. He was an award-winning demon in the fear based evangelical outreach that was chronicled in the 2001 George Ratliff documentary Hell House (and had the funniest scene if he does say so himself). He is now a full-time vagabond writer, proud heretic, and burgeoning mystic. His life’s ambition is to be the bearded sage on top of a mountain that people seek out to find the meaning of life. Read more at: theholyapostate.com


Ep. 83: (Re-Release): Peterson Toscano talks about conversion therapy & LGBTQ+ biblical narratives


In light of the Trump administration’s recent moves to erase trans people from federal policy, I felt it was appropriate to re-release this episode with Peterson Toscano.

In this conversation, Peterson highlights biblical stories that transgress gender norms. He also tells of his harrowing, traumatic experiences in conversion therapy and his life and advocacy since then.

Peterson is a Bible scholar, actor, storyteller, and activist exploring the intersection of gay rights, human rights, and climate change.

Check out all of Peterson’s projects:


Peterson’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/p2son

Climate Stew: climatestew.com

Peterson’s work on gender & the Bible:

On Josh Harris’ IKDG “Apology.”

Two days ago, Josh Harris–the infamous author of purity culture books I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl–issued a statement. That statement can be found here: 


Long story short: he “regrets” some things, but didn’t act on those regrets by pulling these damaging books from shelves until this week, in a run-up to the release of the documentary that centers his journey later next year. 

(Joshua Harris is a content strategist now, by the way.)

This is not commendable. 

There’s more to be said, but I’m not the best person to do it. Here are some comments on Twitter from women far better qualified than me on this topic.

From Emily Joy


From Jamie Lee Finch:


From Laura Polk


From Tori Douglass


Ep. 81: The #Exvangelical Community Roundtable!

In September, a group of us a gathered together in Clearwater, FL for the first Exvangelical panel & live podcast recording.

Panelists & Presentations:

Kathryn BrightbillBringing Up Soldiers for Christ: How the Christian Right Uses Homeschooling, and What We Can Do About It

Website: https://kathrynbrightbill.com/

The Coalition for Responsible Home Schooling Education

Chris Stroop#EmptyThePews: From Christian School Kid to Exvangelical Advocate

Website: ChrisStroop.com

Akiko RossLiving and Teaching as a Woman of Color Under the Stronghold of Patriarchy

David WheelerIn McConnell We Trust: Watching Right Wing Politics Destroy an Evangelical College

Website: http://www.davidrwheeler.net/

Julie Ingersoll: A Discussion of Historical Context and Significance of the Exvangelical Movement

Website: http://julieingersoll.weebly.com/

Thank you to everyone who helped fund the event via GoFundMe!