Ep. 82: Christopher Alan Maloney, director of In God We Trump

Christopher Alan Maloney joined me late in the evening (and even later for him!) for a live-to-tape interview about his new movie, In God We Trump. The movie is streaming now on iTunes.

Learn more: http://ingodwetrumpfilm.com/

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Ep. 81: The #Exvangelical Community Roundtable!

In September, a group of us a gathered together in Clearwater, FL for the first Exvangelical panel & live podcast recording.

Panelists & Presentations:

Kathryn BrightbillBringing Up Soldiers for Christ: How the Christian Right Uses Homeschooling, and What We Can Do About It

Website: https://kathrynbrightbill.com/

The Coalition for Responsible Home Schooling Education

Chris Stroop#EmptyThePews: From Christian School Kid to Exvangelical Advocate

Website: ChrisStroop.com

Akiko RossLiving and Teaching as a Woman of Color Under the Stronghold of Patriarchy

David WheelerIn McConnell We Trust: Watching Right Wing Politics Destroy an Evangelical College

Website: http://www.davidrwheeler.net/

Julie Ingersoll: A Discussion of Historical Context and Significance of the Exvangelical Movement

Website: http://julieingersoll.weebly.com/

Thank you to everyone who helped fund the event via GoFundMe!

Ep. 80: Laura Polk

My guest this week is the wonderful Laura Polk. She is an anthropologist, writer, and an online pioneer in critiquing and making space for people who are deconstructing purity culture. Her site, No Shame Movement, began in 2013 with the intent to “create a platform for people to discuss growing up in conservative Christian environments that were taught abstinence only and “unlearning” this ideology as adults.”

In this conversation, we talk about her life, purity culture, the intersection of race and religion, Bibleman, and much more.

Follow Laura @seelolago, and subscribe to her newsletter. She is also featured in a chapter of Linda Kay Klein’s book, Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free, which is out now.


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Ep. 79: Steven & Seth Help Me Learn My Enneagram Type (Part 2 of 2)

In part two of my conversation with Steve Jones & Seth Harshman from the E9 Podcast, we delve into the Enneagram types even further with the hopes of determining my own type.

Yes, that’s right, your humble podcast host is typed on-air. It was really quite the experience. I felt simultaneously seen & dragged.

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