Ep. 34: Elizabeth Jeffries

My guest this week is Elizabeth Jeffries, a writer and biologist (biologist and writer?). Elizabeth writes over at Read her stuff, it’s great. Also follow her on Twitter @EPJeff.

Intro: “Night Owl” by Broke for Free
Interlude 1: “The Courtroom” by Carman. (Yes, that Carman.)
Interlude 2: “Here Comes Science” by They Might Be Giants
Interlude 3: “Bad Believer” by St. Vincent
Interlude 4: “Creed” by Rich Mullins
Interlude 5: “Cells” by They Might Be Giants
Outro: “Heaven Go Easy On Me” by The Head & The Heart

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Ep. 19: A Mystical Tradition Primer with Steven Jones, aka The Skeptical Mystic

In Part 1 of a 3-part series, Steven Jones and I discuss the variety of mystical traditions!

You’ll find links to many of the texts Steven and I talk about in the original show notes posted on Medium. (Following these links credits Exvangelical through our affiliate partnership with Amazon.)


Intro: “The Fleecing” by Pedro the Lion

Interlude 1: “Whatever Works” by Tin Lion

Interlude 2: “I Just Don’t Know What to Do” by The White Stripes

Outro: “Heard Somebody Say” by Devendra Banhart.

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Ep. 11: Matter Matters & Other Matters with Nathan Cleveland

This week’s episode features a conversation with Nathan Cleveland. We discuss his evangelical childhood, our time at the Mystery College, the mystery and power of the Eucharist, the limitations of certainty, and perhaps most importantly, he and I relish in the proper pronunciation of the word ‘evangelical.’ This talk features adult language, so don’t play it around your kiddos or anyone else’s kiddos.

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Intro Music: “The Fleecing” by Pedro the Lion
Interlude: “Timebomb” by The Whitest Boy Alive
Outro Music: “Be Here Now” by Ray LaMontagne


Ep. 8: Strategically Placed Bibles with Kyle Parton

Shorter show notes for this one, everybody.

Kyle Parton, Director of Epiphany Publishing, talks with me about teenage adventures in Wal-Mart evangelism, key markers of evangelicalism, war, other faith traditions, and alternate models of salvation (the more serious show title was “Finding a Substitute for Penal Substitution”).

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Intro Music:
“Corpus Christi Carol” by Jeff Buckley…0474?i=385560483
Outro Music:
“Eternal Life” by Jeff Buckley…0474?i=385560485


Ep. 4: On Mental Health: A Conversation with Nate Crawford

Today’s episode features a conversation with Nate Crawford, director of Here/Hear, a nonprofit advocacy group focused on mental health. Nate shares his story, including his experience with bipolar disorder.

Trigger warning: this episode contains frank discussions of mental health issues, so if that is triggering, please keep that in mind.

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Here/Hear blog: 
The Mighty:
National Alliance on Mental Illness: 
Boy Meets Depression: Or Life Sucks and Then You Live:…cks/dp/0553418378

Intro and Outro Music: “The Fleecing” by Pedro the Lion…0959?i=572010962