Ep. 19: A Mystical Tradition Primer with Steven Jones, aka The Skeptical Mystic

In Part 1 of a 3-part series, Steven Jones and I discuss the variety of mystical traditions!

You’ll find links to many of the texts Steven and I talk about in the original show notes posted on Medium. (Following these links credits Exvangelical through our affiliate partnership with Amazon.)


Intro: “The Fleecing” by Pedro the Lion

Interlude 1: “Whatever Works” by Tin Lion

Interlude 2: “I Just Don’t Know What to Do” by The White Stripes

Outro: “Heard Somebody Say” by Devendra Banhart.

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Ep. 8: Strategically Placed Bibles with Kyle Parton

Shorter show notes for this one, everybody.

Kyle Parton, Director of Epiphany Publishing, talks with me about teenage adventures in Wal-Mart evangelism, key markers of evangelicalism, war, other faith traditions, and alternate models of salvation (the more serious show title was “Finding a Substitute for Penal Substitution”).

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Intro Music:
“Corpus Christi Carol” by Jeff Buckley…0474?i=385560483
Outro Music:
“Eternal Life” by Jeff Buckley…0474?i=385560485