Ep. 28: “Martin Luther”

This week I speak to “Martin Luther,” someone who requested anonymity in order to tell his story. 

Martin finds himself in a situation where he no longer believes in the evangelical worldview (and that’s putting it mildly) but he is unable to extract himself from the social circles that he finds himself in, or unable to express his true beliefs to those around him. Many listeners may relate. 


Ep. 27: The Twisted Sisterds

This week I’m joined by Becky, Callie, and Amanda–aka The Twisted Sisterds!

The Twisted Sisterds spun out of the Inglorious Pasterds podcast, having met in The Pub, which is the Inglorious Pasterds private Facebook group.

We talk about their stories, deconstruction, responses to social upheaval–as well as Doctor Who, Stargate, and Lord of the Rings.

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Ep. 24: The Sunday School Dropouts

My guests are Lauren O’Neal & Niko Bakulich from the podcast Sunday School Dropouts, which is decidedly not your average Bible Study podcast.

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Ep. 15: “Weird Everywhere”–Expats of Jesusland with Dr. Chris Stroop

This week’s episode features a conversation with Dr. Chris Stroop. Chris is an historian and a Provosts’s Postdoctoral Scholar in the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of South Florida, and the co-editor of the upcoming anthology By the Rivers of Babylon. We discuss his experience with K-12 Christian education, how he wrestled with faith in college and beyond, his reporting on the conservative crackdown of students and faculty on Christian college campuses, as well as his recent adoption of the “no religious affiliation” moniker. It’s a great conversation.

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Chris also publishes under the name Christopher Stroop.


Ep. 11: Matter Matters & Other Matters with Nathan Cleveland

This week’s episode features a conversation with Nathan Cleveland. We discuss his evangelical childhood, our time at the Mystery College, the mystery and power of the Eucharist, the limitations of certainty, and perhaps most importantly, he and I relish in the proper pronunciation of the word ‘evangelical.’ This talk features adult language, so don’t play it around your kiddos or anyone else’s kiddos.

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