Ep. 23: Christina Maddalone

This week’s guest is Christina Maddalone, a longtime friend. We talk about youth group, college, and Christina’s missionary and pastoral work and her heart for people.

Intro: “Woman King” by Iron & Wine:
Interlude & Outro: “Freedom Hangs Like Heaven” by Iron & Wine

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Ep. 11: Matter Matters & Other Matters with Nathan Cleveland

This week’s episode features a conversation with Nathan Cleveland. We discuss his evangelical childhood, our time at the Mystery College, the mystery and power of the Eucharist, the limitations of certainty, and perhaps most importantly, he and I relish in the proper pronunciation of the word ‘evangelical.’ This talk features adult language, so don’t play it around your kiddos or anyone else’s kiddos.

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Intro Music: “The Fleecing” by Pedro the Lion
Interlude: “Timebomb” by The Whitest Boy Alive
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Ep. 10: Emily Joy & Hannah Paasch of The Flawless Project

This week’s episode features a conversation with Emily Joy & Hannah Paasch from The Flawless Project. They discuss the impact their experiences with purity culture and sexism has had on their lives.

The Flawless Project:
Emily Joy Poetry:
Ida Grey:

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Ep. 9: Politics & Religion and Religion & Politics with Ryan Johnson

This week’s episode includes a wonderful conversation with Ryan Johnson, a friend from college. We met up in Chicago to talk about his upbringing, our shared experience in the social sciences department at the Mystery College, and the fraught marriage of evangelicalism and Republican politics in the United States.

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This week’s hashtag is #americanjesus

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Ep. 7: Brandon Whitmore — Hard Questions Demand Honest (Not Easy) Answers

In this week’s episode, I talk to Brandon Whitmore about his journey from Christianity to agnosticism. The conversation covers all sorts of topics, from the historical record of Jesus & science’s relationship w/ religion to a qualitative ranking of The Muppets television shows. It’s great.

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