Press Mentions & Podcast Appearances

exvangelical press & podcast appearances


Exvangelical has been mentioned in several publications. 

May 2017: “Exvangelical Podcast: Safe Space for Those “Living In, Leaving, or Coming to Terms with Evangelicalism” – Religion Dispatches, by Christopher Stroop

September 2017: “What Should We Do About Trump? Ask Ex-Evangelicals” – Splinter News, by Sarah Posner

January 2018: “Trump Will Start the End of the World, Claim Evangelicals Who Support Him” – Newsweek, by Cristina Maza

April 2018: “Trump and White Evangelicals: Support for President Grows, But Millennials Leave  Movement” – Newsweek, by Nina Burleigh

November 2018: “After Midterm Elections, Can Donald Trump and Republicans Still Count on Young Evangelicals? White Christian Voting Bloc Is Shrinking“- Newsweek, by Nina Burleigh


Blake has also appeared on multiple podcasts: 

Twisted Sisterds

Sunday School Dropouts

A Tiny Revolution with Kevin Garcia

Low Density: 


Sacred Tension