In this minisode, Blake talks somewhat extemporaneously about the hagiography written by Michael Gerson in The Atlantic fighting for the term “evangelical.” Which is really hard when we know the biographies of evangelicalism’s leaders so well. Intro: “Bloom Key” by Broke for Free. Follow Blake on twitter @brchastain. Support the show:




My guest this week is the musician Derek Webb. In this conversation we talk about his experiences as a member of the band Caedmon’s Call, his solo work, and his most recent album, *Fingers Crossed*. That album led to his development of his new podcast, *The Airing of Grief*.

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Intro, outro, and interludes from *Fingers Crossed.*

Intro: “Stop Listening”
Interlude 1: “Tempest in a Teacup”
Interlude 2: “The Spirit Bears the Curse”
Outro: “Goodbye for Now”

This week I’m happy to re-release this conversation I had last year with Tori Williams Douglass (@ToriGlasson Twitter).

She and I discuss her history, as well as how the death of Michael Brown altered her understanding of white evangelicalism. We also discuss her must-read blog post, “The Day I Learned White Christians Hate Me.” Read it here:…s-hate-me/

This a frank discussion about race that centers Tori’s experience. Follow her on Twitter @ToriGlass, and read her work at

No pre-roll intros this week – I had a cold and nobody needs to hear that.

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This week’s guest is the author, scholar, and historian Diana Butler Bass.

Ms. Bass has written several books on church history and American Christianity. In this conversation, we discuss her life of faith through the lens of her recently re-released memoir *Strength for the Journey: A Pilgrimage of Faith in Community*. We also discuss the impact of the 2016 election on evangelicalism, and the state of American Christianity today.

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Intro: “Night Owl” by Broke for Free
Interlude 1: “Resurrection Fern” by Iron & Wine
Interlude 2: “Freedom Hangs Like Heaven” by Iron & Wine
Outro: “Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car” by Iron & Wine