Ep. 4: On Mental Health: A Conversation with Nate Crawford

Today’s episode features a conversation with Nate Crawford, director of Here/Hear, a nonprofit advocacy group focused on mental health. Nate shares his story, including his experience with bipolar disorder.

Trigger warning: this episode contains frank discussions of mental health issues, so if that is triggering, please keep that in mind.

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Show Notes:

Here/Hear blog: www.herehear.org/blog 
The Mighty: themighty.com/
National Alliance on Mental Illness: www.nami.org/ 
Boy Meets Depression: Or Life Sucks and Then You Live: www.amazon.com/Boy-Meets-Depress…cks/dp/0553418378

Intro and Outro Music: “The Fleecing” by Pedro the Lion


Ep. 3: Evangelical Politics & More: A Conversation with Greg Coates

This week, we feature a conversation with author, religious scholar and PhD candidate Greg Coates. We discuss his evangelical youth, his time in China, his book, and of course, Donald Trump.

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Show Notes:

Greg’s book, Politics Strangely Warmed: Political Theology in the Wesleyan Spirit

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John Howard Yoder’s book, The Politics of Jesus: www.amazon.com/Politics-Jesus-Jo…der/dp/0802807348

Wikipedia entry on Stanley Hauerwas: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Hauerwas

Pew Research Study on white evangelical support of Trump: 

Randall Ballmer’s article, “The Real Origins of the Religious Right:”

Randall Ballmer’s book, The Making of Evangelicalism:

Intro Music: 
“The Fleecing” by Pedro the Lion

Outro Music: 
“Hard to Be” by David Bazan

Ep. 2: A Conversation with Steven Jones

In Episode 2 of Exvangelical, I speak to Steven Jones.

Steven Jones shares his story of growing up within evangelicalism and attending Christian college, facing family struggles, and — at the risk of being too reductive — losing and finding belief. He also shares about his engagement with the mystical tradition, including a series of experiences he had that are worthy of the word “revelation.”

Steven’s story is redemptive and full of hope. It clocks in at close to two hours, and is absolutely worth a listen.

Ep. 1: It Begins

This first episode of Exvangelical features a long, free-form with American religious historian Dr. Jonathan Dodrill, who is a longtime friend of mine. We discuss how we met at Christian college, our experiences there, as well as how our viewpoints have changed since then. We also spend a good amount of time talking about modern evangelical politics, the current election cycle, and the baffling case of Donald Trump.

This conversation was originally recorded on 6/28/16 and has been edited. Frank language is occasionally used, so be wary of young ears.