Ep. 81: The #Exvangelical Community Roundtable!

In September, a group of us a gathered together in Clearwater, FL for the first Exvangelical panel & live podcast recording.

Panelists & Presentations:

Kathryn BrightbillBringing Up Soldiers for Christ: How the Christian Right Uses Homeschooling, and What We Can Do About It

Website: https://kathrynbrightbill.com/

The Coalition for Responsible Home Schooling Education

Chris Stroop#EmptyThePews: From Christian School Kid to Exvangelical Advocate

Website: ChrisStroop.com

Akiko RossLiving and Teaching as a Woman of Color Under the Stronghold of Patriarchy

David WheelerIn McConnell We Trust: Watching Right Wing Politics Destroy an Evangelical College

Website: http://www.davidrwheeler.net/

Julie Ingersoll: A Discussion of Historical Context and Significance of the Exvangelical Movement

Website: http://julieingersoll.weebly.com/

Thank you to everyone who helped fund the event via GoFundMe!

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