Ep. 78: Enneagram 101 w/ Steven Jone s & Seth Harshman of the E9 Podcast (1 of 2)

On this episode, Steven & Seth from the E9 Podcast drop by to discuss the 9 types of the Enneagram, the exvangelical internet’s fave personality typology. This is part 1 of a 2 part conversation; in part 2, they help me determine my own type.

Listen to the E9 Podcast! Follow Steven @skeptical_monk, and Seth @sethharshman.

And introducing Call & Response! Download the Anchor app, and respond to this episode’s question: What is your enneagram type, and how has it helped your personal development? Find the Exv Extras feed here: https://anchor.fm/exvangelicalpod

(Note: I was recovering from strep and the recording conditions weren’t ideal. If you’re sensitive to that, sorry; I made lemons out of strep-addled lemonade.)

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