Ep. 74: Trey Pearson

 My guest this week is the musician Trey Pearson, and the track you’re hearing right now is from his first solo album, Love is Love. Trey was the lead singer of the popular Christian rock band Everyday Sunday, and two years ago he came out publicly as gay. We talk about his experiences on the Christian rock circuit, and he speaks at length about how he wrestled with his sexuality for years, and how it impacted his marriage and, well, his entire life. As always, it’s best to let him tell the story.

He’s poured a lot of these experiences into his newest album, and he is currently on the road. You can find his upcoming tour dates online at treypearson.com, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @treypearson. You can find his album, Love is Love, on Spotify and anywhere else you stream or purchase music.

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