Ep. 57: David Bazan

This week’s guest is the musician David Bazan.

In this conversation, we talk about his Pentecostal upbringing, how he’s processed faith and doubt through his music, Trump and evangelicalism, the return of Pedro the Lion, and more.

Bazan is on tour right now. Learn more at davidbazan.com/shows. Follow him on Twitter @davidbazan.

Bazan & Pedro the Lion songs in this episode:

“Hard to Be,” from Curse Your Branches [Bazan] “Secrets of the Easy Yoke,” from It’s Hard to Find a Friend [Pedro] “Harmless Sparks” from Curse Your Branches [Bazan] “People,” from Strange Negotiations [Bazan] “Magazine,” from Control [Pedro] “Keep Trying,” from Care [Bazan]


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