Ep. 53: Chris Stroop Returns to #EmptyThePews

My guest this week is Chris Stroop. Chris was a guest back on episode 15 of the show, and since that time he has become well-known for his essays on Religion Dispatches (as well as his threads on Twitter, including the trending hashtag #EmptyThePews) about the global Religious Right, particularly in American and Russian politics, as well as Exvangelical experience more broadly. He is also a fellow administrator of the Exvangelical Facebook group.

We talk at length about #EmptyThePews and the stories people have told through it, as well as the value of sharing ex-Evangelical stories in private and in public.

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Intro/Outro: “Night Owl” by Broke for Free Interlude 1: “Pure Comedy” by Father John Misty Interlude 2: “Culture War” by Arcade Fire

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