Ep. 29: Samantha Field

This week’s guest is Samantha Field. She has experienced Christian education at every level: discusses her time being homeschooled, attending Pensacola Christian College, and Liberty University.  She blogs at samanthapfield.com. Follow her on Twitter: @samanthapfield.  Click through for show notes.

Show Notes: 

Samantha Bee’s feature on the Religious Right

The “stay at home daughter movement.”

Randall Balmer’s Politico article, “The Real Origins of the Religious Right.”

Being Gay at Jerry Falwell’s University,” at The Atlantic.

Intro/Outro: “Night Owl” by Broke for Free, available on Free Music Archive: freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_Fo…-_01_Night_Owl
Interlude 1: “I Eat Boys Like You for Breakfast” by Ida Maria: open.spotify.com/track/3jzdwBxvsX1Z9gcRYhjczT
Interlude 2: “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” by Mz Virtue: open.spotify.com/track/7MlGkAYehGtvtoyl7Y0zZ8


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