Ep. 20: A Visceral, Heaven-Rending Advent with Jason Chesnut & Tuhina Rasche

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking to Jason Chesnut & Tuhina Verma Rasche, the co-collaborators behind the wonderful and incendiary* Advent devotional #FuckThisShit, hosted right here on Medium.

This is the final week of Advent. One more week of anticipation. I hope that even if it is hard to engage in religious activity for you, that you can find some comfort in this chorus of voices, openly pleading for…something…to give. This level of honesty is refreshing.

(Original show notes can be found in the audio file embedded above.)

*Inciendiary in a good way, like the flames alighted upon the heads of the early apostles at the First Pentacost, or a light that shines brighter in the dark night of the senses.


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