Ep. 14: A Safe Place for Questions with Dr. Keisha McKenzie

This week’s episode features a conversation with Dr. Keisha McKenzie, aka @mackenzian on Twitter.

She shares her story of growing up in the UK, attending school in Jamaica, as well as her time living in the US, all while engaging her Adventist faith and finding communities that helped her continue to ask the questions she wanted to ask. It’s a great conversation that covers a lot of ground across politics, religion, and sexuality — what she refers to as “the three taboos” on her website.

Follow Dr. McKenzie on Twitter @mackenzian and visit her site at mackenzian.com.

Show Notes:

The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James Cone: amzn.to/2e5spjr
Strong Democracy by Benjamin Barber:
The Roots of Our Ecological Crisis by Lynn White:
Enough Room at the Table Film:


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