Eee-vangelical vs. Eh-vangelical — The Case for Eh.

A lot of people say “eee-vangelical.” In fact, most of the guests on my show, Exvangelical, say “eee-vangelical.”

I don’t. I stubbornly prounounce it “eh-vangelical.”

Why am I so stubborn? Let me count the (4) ways:

  1. It doesn’t sound right to me. “We were eee-vangelizing” just doesn’t sound right to me, whereas “we were eh-vangelizing” does.
  2. The name Evan (the Welsh form of John), is pronounced “Eh-van.”
  3. A cursory search for the term “evangelist” on Google shows that “eh-vangelist” is the proper pronunciation. But most importantly…
  4. “Eh-vangelical” yields far more opportunities for puns. For example“Bleh-vangelical, meh-vangelical, enh-vangelical” and of course, “ex-vangelical.”

Pronounce it however you want. There’s no wrong way. But I was feeling a tad insecure (as I mentioned in the intro to my last show), so these are my reasons for “eh.”

Eee-vangelical defendants, come at me.

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